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Meet, trade, and battle with fellow Pokémon fans in a casual environment where everyone is welcome.

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Welcome to the Play! Pokémon Program

The Play! Pokémon program gives you the opportunity to compete against other Trainers in an organized setting where you can meet fellow fans, win prizes, and have fun! Find all the details about the program—including where to play and which Pokémon League is best for you or your child.

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There are tons of Trainers out there sharing their love for Pokémon through trading, battling, and more. Visit your local Pokémon League, and get in on the fun!

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Info for Parents

Looking for help as you get involved in your child’s journey as an aspiring Trainer? Look no further—help them find a local Pokémon League where they can learn to play and make new friends!

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Try Out Local Tournaments

Have you visited League a few times, met some of your fellow Trainers, and maybe even battled an opponent or two? If you’re looking to further test your skills, local tournaments are the next step on your Pokémon journey.

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